Your employees' cyber behavior is your biggest security pitfall.

Apply behavioral science to identify risky employees’ cyber behavior and employ contextual, triggered-based training to prevent the next cyber attack.

We combine behavioral science and personalization to go
far beyond security awareness

Make cybersecurity second nature to your employees.

DCOYA understands each employee’s cyber behavior so you can automate personalized interventions and turn your employees into your defenders. All while allowing your business to grow.

Add science to improve cyber decision-making, faster.

Backed by behavioral science, DCOYA determines which interventions can be used to successfully influence each employee’s cyber behavior before incidents happen.

Get real-time visibility, stay in control.

Your data and security systems are already in place. Use them to uncover risky behaviors across your human attack surface, enabling you to improve risk management and keep your business secure.

Predict risky cyber behavior instead of managing incidents.

Get ahead of cyber behavior incidents by proactively communicating engaging security controls to employees who DCOYA predicts are at risk.

We work with the best partners

We work with the
best partners

Don't just take our word for it

See what our customers are saying

"We have been working with Dcoya for a few years. Overall, I am extremely happy with our choice. The managed services approach have been great at meeting our needs and helped us achieve the firms security awareness program goals."

Kobi Korach

"I was a customer and later a partner, I have learned to appreciate the quality and professionalism in life and found all of that in Dcoya product and services. Once offering it to our customers we got only positive feedback till today."

Amit Bar-On
Former Head of Cloud and Cybersecurity Services, Ernst & Young

“Nothing in life is perfect and it’s rarely when you find something close to it. With Dcoya, who always try to take things above and beyond for you, it’s as close as it gets to perfection. We have significantly lowered our click rates and when users approach you with compliments about a security product – that’s when you know you did something right in your job."

Noam Becker
CISO, ISCAR Metalworking


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One platform, many wins

Machine learning. Behavior science. Proactive one-on-one employee communication at scale. Let our platform work for you.


Simulate cyber attacks to ensure employees are aware of the right cyber behaviors.


Join forces with your employees, encouraging them to report phishing and ransomware attempts.


Reduce cyber behavior risk by
proactively improving employee cyber

How does this work?
Glad you asked.

DCOYA captures and analyzes employee cyber behavior to predict and mitigate risks across your business. Here’s how it works.

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Thank you for your Interest in DCOYA

Thank you for your Interest in DCOYA

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