About Dcoya

We believe that employee’s cyber-security knowledge and awareness must be a foundational aspect of any organization’s security strategy.

Dcoya are the leaders in behavior-centric cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our expertise in ethical hacking and our extensive experience with social engineering has proven that a culture of cybersecurity awareness as well as individual behavior must be at the foundation of any successful security strategy. Our innovative Dcoya platform actively engages employees in your cybersecurity program and helps them practice and adopt the right security behaviors to reduce both the risk and the cost of social engineering attacks. Dcoya solutions are deployed in leading financial, government, and national infrastructure organizations, and in other industries worldwide.


Our talented leadership team combines years of experience in Israel’s high-tech cyber industry with our commitment to the Dcoya mission of “making cybersecurity personal.”

Asaf Kotsel


Asaf Kotsel, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dcoya, brings more than 15 years of executive leadership, global sales, and business development experience. Prior to founding Dcoya, Asaf served as a VP of global sales at Sentrix, where he helped transform business, driving new growth strategies to revitalize the company’s sales and bottom line.  Previously, Asaf was a Senior Sales executive with 2Bsecure Israel leading advanced security solutions.  Asaf hold a B.A. in Business Management Business Entrepreneurship (Derby, UK)

Yariv Hazony

VP Product

Yariv Hazony, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Dcoya, has been creating successful innovative enterprise security products for more than 15 years. Yariv designs and develops highly intuitive solutions to solve one of the cyber industry’s biggest challenges – changing employee behavior. He influences product capabilities and provides thought leadership to clients. Yariv applies his extensive experience to Dcoya strategic planning, as well as building the Dcoya brand across B2B channels. Prior to founding Dcoya, Yariv served as VP of Product at Sentrix.  

Ivgeni Broitman


Ivgeni Broitman, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Dcoya, is an accomplished developer and architect. During his 15+ years of cyber industry experience, Ivgeni has designed and built many products, from cutting-edge web security platforms to big data platforms. Prior to founding Dcoya Ivgeni held a VP or R&D and CTO roles at Sentrix an innovative web security startup. Before Sentrix Ivgeni was served as a Security Program Manager at Microsoft. Ivgeni started his career in the Israeli Military Matzov, where he developed extensive experience in user behavioral analysis.


Join our quest to build a security environment and foster a security culture in every organization.

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