Identify Cybersecurity Gaps with this Cyber Hygiene Checklist

By Clayton Southerly

December 16, 2022

Cybersecurity is a year-round priority and organizations should constantly evaluate their cyber defenses to ensure they are reducing vulnerabilities against cyber threats. When IT professionals, company leaders, and employees stay on top of the latest advancements and trends in the sector, they’ll be in a much stronger position to address gaps in their digital defenses and mitigate the damage caused by cyberattacks.

Our colleagues at NINJIO have put together this checklist for company leaders to evaluate their organization’s cyber hygiene so their teams can understand which areas need attention. Use this cyber hygiene checklist to give your company a score out of 12 for every “yes” answer:

  • Are your employees enrolled in a cybersecurity awareness training (CSAT) program?
  • Is your CSAT’s effectiveness tested through phishing simulations and other security drills?
  • Does your CSAT keep employees up-to-speed with the latest cyberattack vectors and how to spot them?
  • Do your employees use multi-factor authentication to log into company devices and accounts?
  • Does your company use password managers to prevent employees from using recurring passwords?
  • If your employees work remotely, are they required to log in via a secure network and/or VPN?
  • Do you have an inventory list of the valuable data and assets within your organization?
  • Do you know who has access to your valuable data? 
  • Is all of your technology up to date with the latest antivirus and antimalware software?
  • Do you have a cybersecurity response plan ready in the event of a breach?
  • Are all employees aware of all established cybersecurity protocols before, during, and after a breach?
  • Do you consider your company to have a culture of cybersecurity?


If you scored less than 12/12, it means there is still some work to do! Here are some of NINJIO’s resources and thought leadership to help you strengthen your cybersecurity strategy:


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